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Hi, welcome to small steps BIG LIFE!

I’m Louise. I’ve struggled with fear and anxiety throughout my life. I have one of those brains that overthinks things and constantly worries. Many things that other people seem to find easy, I’ve struggled with. Answering the phone, driving, saying no, running in public, speaking out in groups (or any kind of public speaking) and lots more. In the past I didn’t label it, but looking back I realise I suffer with anxiety. Pounding heart, insomnia, feeling sick with nerves, overworrying, OCD are just some of my symptoms.

Throughout the times when I’ve struggled with my fears holding me back, I’ve always tried to find ways overcome them. I’ve extensively read books, gone on courses, watched TED talks, took part in coaching, tried meditation, affirmations – everything you can imagine. I suppose many people would call me a seeker. I’ve always tried to find solutions to getting rid of my fears and anxiety. I’ve learned so much through the years that  as I’ve got older I’ve found many strategies, techniques and ways of thinking that I apply. It’s been said you have to feel the fear and do it anyway – and while this is a great technique – I have learned many others where you can transform you fear, diminish it and lessen it in order to take small steps forward and do what you want to do.

My old fears no longer register. And when I do feel fear, I have tools, mindsets and techniques which allow me to move forward easily.

This site is dedicated to help other people overcome the fears that I already have. Have a read of the articles and find the strategies that you works for you. I have found in overcoming fear and anxiety, there is not a one size fits all approach. But whichever techniques you use don’t underestimate the power of small steps to overcome anxieties and fears. Small steps taken consistently take you far. This site is not about beating yourself up, it’s about lifting yourself up. It’s about celebrating every step you take, no matter how small. It’s realising how far you’ve come. How much you’ve already learned. Fear and anxiety are great tools for learning. It’s about picking them up and moulding them so you can learn and proceed.

Small steps BIG LIFE is about leading you to your stretch zone. This is a magical place just outside your comfort zone. It’s challenging and exciting, you learn and grow, but without the panic to contend with.

I hope this site leads you to making the most of your life and enjoying every single day wherever you are on your journey.

Louise xo